5 Mcdonalds Job Application Mistakes That Can Cost You A Job Opportunity

Filling out a Mcdonalds job application does not look like it’s rocket science at first glance but if you take a closer look, you will find it’s a little more complicated than people think.

It’s not the process of filling out the application that is so difficult; it’s those little things that most job applicants don’t do that mean a lot which can either get you hired or not.  There are even certain mistakes can make you look like someone who should not even be working for the company.

Regardless of whether or not you have already pressed the send button for your Mcdonalds job application on their official website, here are the most common mistakes you need to avoid:

  1. Not knowing the type of job to go after. There are many people with no prior fast food experience and very little education who actually try to get hired as an assistant manager because they feel they have what it takes to learn the ropes and advance quickly up the ladder. Little do they know there are 5 other workers at the restaurant who have busted their tails for the last two years to get to an assistant manager position and two of them are extremely talented. The point is; take personal inventory of where you are in your professional life right now and be honest about the type of job you will go after for now. There is nothing wrong with having to start somewhere even if it is not the type of job you want for the long term.
  2. Not being thorough, truthful, and accurate with your Mcdonalds job application. Remember, you have at least dozens of people competing with you for a job and you need to make sure you don’t leave anything out.  At the same time, try not to make mistakes that can cost you. Be honest about your prior experience and background because you don’t want to lie only to be found out a few months later and fired!
  3. Not putting forth the effort to follow up. Why did you even take the time to apply at Mcdonalds if you are not even going to follow up on your application? What makes you think they are automatically going to call you back to give you a chance at an interview? The first thing you have to be thinking about once you press the send button on your Mcdonalds application is how you plan on following up so you don’t miss a golden opportunity. Visit the store of your choice if they have not called you back after a couple of weeks. leave them your contact information and make a friendly and personable impression,
  4. Not making a good first impression. Many experts agree you only get one chance to impress someone you don’t know. The same goes for whomever you come into contact with at a prospective employer. When you either visit the store while following up or for your interview, dress decently and look clean and sharp. For heaven’s sake, comb your hair, brush your teeth, iron your clothes, and shine or clean your shoes!
  5. Not Avoid these Mcdonalds job applications and you will have a better chance to get hired.practicing for the interview. Most job opportunities are lost during the interview process. I’m not trying to scare you but if you are not prepared to answer questions like the next person, who do you think is going to get hired? Make sure you at least research some of the most common questions during the interview and if you can, get someone to help you practice a mock interview.

A Mcdonalds job application is as difficult as you make it. There is far more competition for jobs in your area than ever before so it’s more important than ever to say to yourself, “I need to stand out from everybody else so I will do what is necessary to succeed in getting hired.” Now, go get your job!