Mcdonalds Job Application – How It Can Benefit Seniors

These days, many seniors are filling out a Mcdonalds job application in hopes of supplementing their retirement income.  Seniors are finding their social security checks, pension plans, and other investments are simply not enough to provide for their necessities in the long run.

Florida Senior Having Success With His Mcdonalds Job Application

Roger Benton, 67, of West Palm Beach, FL, worked for 25 years at the same company, and like many companies cutting costs and figuring out how to stay afloat, he was forced into retirement because of his higher salary and age.

“I had two choices.  Either sit at home feeling sorry for myself or get out there, work and stay active while making a little more money for our basic necessities,” says Benton.  “I filled out a Mcdonalds job application and got hired pretty quickly, probably because of my work experience.  I’ve been working here for a year and I love the way it keeps me active.”

People who work as an entry-level crew members should fill out a Mcdonalds job application and go into their new  job knowing it’s full of hard work and highly fast-paced.  “Customer satisfaction is the key thing around here,” adds Benton, “If you’re looking for a piece of cake job, this one surely is not it.”

A Mcdonalds Job Application Is Not All RosesA Mcdonalds job application is a great choice for seniors wanting to work!

Benton confirms he’s seen a few people including seniors, middle-aged, and even teenage workers come and go because they simply could not cut it.  “They fill out a Mcdonalds job application, eventually get hired, and they think they’re home free.  When they quickly find out the type of dedication necessary to provide top customer service, some of them can’t handle the pressure.”

Benton confirms filling out a Mcdonalds job application was the best thing he ever did in his retirement.  “This is also a tremendous opportunity for anyone trying to open up their own franchise.  all you have to do is put some time in, learn the ropes, and proceed with opening up your own business from there.  The things I’ve learned here have enabled me to start thinking of owning either a Mickey D’s or even another fast food franchise, and I’ve got my eye set on that goal in the next two years.”

It sounds very convincing; go ahead and submit your Mcdonalds job application and see how it works for you.